March 26, 2008

Back, finally

Didn’t realize it’d been nearly two months.  Long story, short.  Broke up with BF over blog-related issues.  Probably more like something he didn’t tell me and the blog was an excuse.  Not expected but after a couple of nights of drinking, I got over it.

This is going to go in a slightly different direction.  Still wrestling, still mixed but without the sexual aspect.

January 31, 2008

A Question!!

Somebody’s reading this.  Damn.  The question is:  Do you have a favorite match?

Answer:  I’ve got three.  One is beating that guy in the ring, one of my three one-offs.  I described it a couple of weeks ago.  Memorable for winning in a ring, memorable for how fast I won, memorable for the size of the fucker’s cock.  Second, the last victory/match with the first BF.  I don’t usually go for the full ass-kicking but I did that night.  I’ll have to write that up sometime.  Third, the one night I did two matches.  Beat the 2nd BF and a friend of his.  No, not at the same time.  Took on the friend first, kicked his ass out of the apartment, then went after the BF.

One more.  Postmatch first time with present BF.  Actual match wasn’t anything special but the sex after was.  Wasn’t expecting him hard three times, much less four.

21 and counting!

21 and counting!

21 and counting.

Pretty fucking jazzed just now.  Another win.  The boy was really defensive, really protecting his package.  Doesn’t matter how much of an advantage he has in upper body if he’s only using one arm. Put his head between my thighs and went to work, weakened him and he submitted when I got my hand on his cock.  I’ve got him confused, unsure what to do. 

January 28, 2008
This Week’s Pic

This Week’s Pic

20-16 and why

I’ve already said that in my matches, winner gets to use the loser as a sex toy for the rest of the night.  That’s incentive enough.  There’s also a larger bet and that’s if the present BF ever takes the overall lead, he gets to take me in the ass.  That’s not my favorite and I’m going to do everything I can to avoid it.

Another split since the last time.  I’ve come face the reality that since we started, the BF’s workouts have really increased his upper body strength and I can’t compete there.  I’m not sure I ever could but now it’s not close.  I am quicker and I think in better overall shape but I need to be more careful than when we first started.

I won the last match by making him submit to a combo hold.  I got behind his back, tried to scissor his gut but could only apply it around his thighs.  I had my right arm around his neck-both of lying on our right sides-and was able to extend that into keeping his left arm immobile.  He was looking for a way out and I was afraid he might power out somehow, so I used my left hand to work over his cock and balls.  I know I said I don’t like to win this way but it’s growing on me.  He tapped and I’m that much farther away from his dick in my ass.  If it makes him more cautious next time, all the better.  I’d love to have him keep one of his arms protecting his groin. 

Breast Smothers And Why I Like Them

It’s my favorite finishing hold.  I asked the 1st BF about it and what he wrote is pretty good:

"Breastsmothers can have a psychological effect.  It won’t matter if you only wrestle someone once but if a girl wrestled the same guy regularly, she can get a nice advantage.  First 7 times we wrestled, you won 6, all with that same finish.  It was fucking me up mentally because I couldn’t escape from it.  I’d obsess over how to get out but the real problem wasn’t escaping, it was avoiding letting you apply it in the first place.  It’s a maneuver that can mess with a guy’s head.  Normally, a guy would want a pair of nice tits that close to his face.  

First time, it’s ‘what the fuck’ and then you can’t get air, can’t get out and you’ve tapped.  Be careful of what you ask for and all that.  No guy wants to be headscissored or ass-smothered or facesat into submission but you don’t mind losing as much trapped in a girl’s tits.  It’s the least painful way and the way for a girl to win that’s least likely to motivate a guy to try harder next time. 

Between you and (the present GF), I’m 0-19 in breastsmothers (and in my last 40 matches, I’m 28-12).  I’ll keep trying to escape although I know I’m only seconds from tapping.  So fuck yes, it’s as much psychology as anything else.  It’s the one hold that scares me the most.”

So there.  I wanted to get this out before I write about something else.

January 19, 2008
Bad for a boy’s neck …

Bad for a boy’s neck …


It’s cold and I’m not going anywhere, so I might as well tell a story.  Years ago, when I was still doing catfighting exhibitions, I got a call asking if I could be available on short notice for a match in a ring.  I said yes, as long as they’d pickup airfare, car and hotel for me and the 1st BF.  We got in on a Friday morning, I practiced with the woman I was losing to (like pro wrestling, the result was scripted) and we had the match that night.  A ring was set up in some old armory.

The next day, the other women did sessions with some of the guys who’d watched the previous night.  During breaks, I bonded with the woman I’d “wrestled” the night before and we discovered that we both wrestled our boyfriends in private with the winner getting sexual favors.  I don’t know who suggested we swap opponents/partners first but we arranged to keep the keys to the armory (and ring) for the night.

Both guys were all for it.  I was first against the other boyfriend.  He was about 6 foot and around 180 lbs.  She’d told me he wanted to model or act and wasn’t totally indulging in fantasy.  What neither guy knew was that us women had shared scouting reports.

When my opponent offered the test of strength, I accepted and grabbed his hands as tightly as I could.  Then I swung my legs up and scissored him around his gut.  Surprised by my early move, he let go of my hands so he could use his arms to force me off.  That let me clasp my arms around his head and cut off some of his breathing with a partial smother.  He sank to his knees while I held on but soon learned that he was no better off than when he was standing.  I locked in tighter and leaned right, to bring him down on his side.  Once I got him over, it was done and he tapped within a minute.

Now the other match.  My BF looked pretty concerned.  He never had been in a ring and saw how quickly I’d taken out my opponent.  Still, when he was offered that same test of strength, he accepted.  She quickly placed a kick into the ribs on his left side.  He buckled down to that side; at the same time she kept hold of his left hand and used her right hand to push him back into the turnbuckles in the corner.  He winced from the contact and then took a short series of her knees lifted up into his gut.

He was stunned and didn’t resist as she pulled him halfway down to the next corner.  As he was standing, she put her left foot into his guy to put him on his knees.  She grabbed both arms and tied him up in the ropes.  Without any ring experience, he didn’t know how to escape and tried to ward her off with his feet.  That wasn’t very successful.  Catching one foot and then the other, she had him suspended above the ring.  On cue, I snuck in behind him and yanked the rope, freeing his arms. She let go of his feet and he dropped hard onto his back.  He bounced once, then began to roll over.  She moved in behind him, sat on his ass and yanked back on his head.  He was tapping almost instantly.

She left him there to catch his breath while we exchanged hi-fives.  I ordered my boy back into the ring and told him to lay on his back.  Both winners dropped their bottoms and rode the losers’ faces until orgasm.  As much as I wanted to fuck, I had an idea that I liked better.  I pulled her over to talk, she agreed immediately.

But you’ll have to come back and read the rest …

When you want an advantage, nothing’s quite like squeezing a boy’s cock and balls!

When you want an advantage, nothing’s quite like squeezing a boy’s cock and balls!